Book Review: “The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading: a novel” by Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance

Hey everybody!

I am back with another review! I know I haven’t posted much this month, but this week is finals week and once it’s over, I’ll be able to post/read/write much more.

The book I’m going to be reviewing is definitely a favorite of mine! This book is called “The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading: a novel” by Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance. This book came out Spring 2009 and it was in my possession in Summer 2010. I believe I was with my grandfather when it was bought it for me (I’m not quite sure who I was with). But anyway……I was browsing through the Young Adult section of the Barnes & Noble store when I ran across this book (as well as a few others). I read the synopsis of the book and was hooked instantly. I read the first chapter before we were even out of the store! This book inspired me to sign up for cheerleading during my freshman orientation for high school. And I stuck with cheer for my entire high school experience. I just loved it so much!

I have read this book over 30 times (I know, WOW!) and I actually need to go buy a new copy because mine is kind of getting worn out. Darcy Vance is actually playing around with a sequel over on Wattpad (here’s the link: and I love what she’s written so far!

This book is about two geeky girls named Bethany and Moni and their journey into “popularity” as cheerleaders. They catch the attention of school basketball star Jack Paulson and school wrestling star Rick “the Prick” Mangers. These boys, however, are the ones who tear the girls’ friendship apart. In the end, their friendship prevails and one of the boys gets pushed off to the side. But which one? What happens that pulls them apart in the first place when everything seemed all fine and dandy? And how is Bethany supposed to pull of scoring the basketball hottie (who is totally girl-proof) while wearing an insanely short skirt and trying not to show her purple-clad butt?

Geek girl…meet world.


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