TomeTopple Readathon Day #6

Hi guys!

I’m going to be posting days 6 and 7 for the TomeTopple Readathon today. It is the weekend, therefore, I’m working a lot.

Let’s get into the update, shall we?:

So…instead of reading and 12 o’clock in the morning, I was talking to my older sister and 4-year universities. Since I am graduating community college next year, she was giving me tips and advice on 4-year universities (she is graduating from a 4-year in the fall with her Bachelor’s Degree). I feel also after that (I am only human) and when I woke up, I read for 14 minutes, went out and exercised, reorganized my bookcase (again), and read for 31 minutes. I then went to work and when I came home, instead of reading, I watched a bit of Netflix (I’m sorry! I have an addiction!).

Day 7 was not much better and I will be explaining that in another post.




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