Book Review: “School Spirits” by Rachel Hawkins

Hey everybody!

So…..a few days ago, I finished reading “School Spirits” by Rachel Hawkins and I absolutely loved it! This books is a spin-off stand alone novel of the Hex Hall series (also by Rachel Hawkins).

This book follows Izzy Brannick, the cousin of Sophie Mercer, as she gets her first case. This case just happens to be a haunting at a high school in Mississippi. Izzy and her Mom travel to Ideal, Mississippi to deal with the haunting and out it to rest. But things are not always what they seem. Izzy starts to fall in love with a normal boy who thinks she’s a normal girl. She makes friends and her Mom says that she’s getting too close to the case and needs to separate herself from them. She, obviously, doesn’t follow her Mom’s wishes. Things get out of hand, but Izzy proves herself to her mother.

I absolutely adored the Hex Hall series, so when I found out about a spin-off book, I had to get it right away……even though it took me a couple years to read it. I especially liked the character of Dex. I loved this book and I really want a sequel, but Rachel Hawkins already stated that she will not be writing a sequel. *insert sad face here*

Until next time,



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