ARC Book Review: “Hung” by Simone Sowood

Hi guys!

I received an Arc back in late September called “Hung” and it’s by Simone Sowood. She contacted me on Goodreads and asked me to review the ARC for me, and so I did. I was given an Arc in exchange for an honest review. Here is my review for this wonderful book!

This is the overview from Goodreads: Is a man worth losing everything I’ve ever worked for? Lawson Heywood is a cocky, dirty-talking prick with enough money to buy a small country. And a man who’s used to getting any woman he wants. I drew him a picture. He was so impressed, he cornered me and kissed me. My first real kiss. With his tattoos, broad shoulders and panty-dropping brown eyes, I thought I’d melt into his arms forever. Except I can’t get involved with him. It would make me a sell out and ruin my art career once and for all. Lawson keeps threatening to make me his, but that’s never going to happen. No matter how much my body craves him.

It was a fun little read that was totally enjoyable. I really got into the characters of Skye and Lawson.

If you enjoy “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover or “Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren, you will enjoy this book!

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