School & My Sick Self

Hey everybody!

I know, I know. This is not another post. I’m working on those posts right now, so don’t worry; They will be up shortly.

Now for the reasons I am making this update:

School is almost over. Today is my last day of classes and a week from today is my last day of finals. I will DEFINITELY be reading/writing more after finals. I promise you that. Next semester is my LAST semester of community college and then it’s off to the Big Leagues – 3 years in the making.

Let me tell ya’ll something about myself. A couple days ago, I strained muscles in my back and that pain went up my back, across both sets of ribs, and across my chest. I am in pain. The doctor also said that I may of tested negative for Strep Throat, my throat is still all swollen and red. And I am ALSO fighting the beginning of an upper respiratory infection – we caught it just in time before it got any worse. I’m on “light duty” at work and I cannot pick up more than 20 pounds.

I’m going to be doing nothing but homework the next couple days, so I won’t be on.
Until my next post,



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