ARC Book Review: “Carney” by Simone Sowood

Hey everybody!

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Here is an overview of the novel: Different town every week means a different woman in my bed. No complaints here. That’s how I f*cking want it. One look of my handsome smile has them weak in the knees. One touch of my rock hard muscles has their panties dropping. One night of pounding with my pierced, tattooed c*ck and they beg me to stay. But when the weekend’s over, I move on to the next town, and next woman. Until Emily. One look at the beautiful blonde and I know she’s the one I want in this town. One taste of her innocence and I need more. The last thing she wants is anything to do with me; she know’s I’m nothing but trouble — until a fight with her parents pushes her straight into my arms. I’ll be damned if I’m letting her walk away, no matter what her rich parents think of their precious princess with a bad boy. I finally have a woman I wanna keep. I’m not letting her go now.

A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a smoking hot alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.
Here is the review I put up on GoodReads: When I first started reading it, I found it a little boring, but once I started to focus on reading it, I found myself really getting into it. I couldn’t put it down….and when I HAD to (for work/school) I would find myself impatient to go back and continue reading it. It’s a very nice read! Team Stemily (or is it Team Eel) to the end!

I highly recommend reading this novel! It is absolutely amazing!

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