Book Review: “Classified Material” by Ally Carter

Hey guys!

I know this isn’t an actual book, but it’s a nice little novella between the fourth and fifth books.

Cammie has disappeared. Nobody knows where she has went. The hunt is on to find her. But when Bex, Liz, Macie, and Zach get told by the CIA not to help find her, they get antsy. They are all worried about her and just want her home.

This novella has the Points of View of Liz, Bex, Macie, and Zach. It takes place over the summer between Junior and Senior year.

I could not find the original webpage where Ally Carter said it would be, so I did some searching and found it under “Classified Files” on the Gallagher Girls Wiki page.

I honestly thought Zach would be in the novella a bit more, but he wasn’t and that made me sad. What made me really happy, though, was that Zach was really concerned about finding Cammie. I ship Zammie really hard and I thought it was really cute.

Until my next post,



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