Book Review: “Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover” by Ally Carter

Hey everyone!

“Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover” is the third installment in the “I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You” series by Ally Carter.

Cammie goes on the campaign trail with Macie to keep her company in the summer. While in Boston, an attack on Macie and Cammie and when they go back to school that upcoming year, the Gallagher Academy goes on high alert. Macie has no choice but to go with her parents back on the trail, but Joe Solomon isn’t having it. He takes his CoveOps class undercover on the trail and they run into a little bit of trouble. When Zach mysteriously appears in front of Cammie, how is she going to react? Why is he there in the first place? What is going on? There is danger lurking in the shadows and who are they after?

I loved this book so much and I will have the review up for the next book in the series very shortly!!

Until my next post,


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