Book Review: “Evernight” by Claudia Gray

Hey guys!!!

I picked up “Evernight” by Claudia Gray on iBooks for free. I had read the overview and thought it would be an interesting read.

“Evernight” is about a girl, Bianca, who goes to Evernight Academy and she absolutely hates it. She runs into Lucas on her first day and they become somewhat friends. As the school year passes, strange things happen. When you’re stuck in a school full of vampires, things get messy. For the first time in a while, humans are allowed at the school, but why are they there? Why we’re the policies changed? What happens when a half-vampire/half-human destined to be a full vampire falls in love with a human….and not just any human either?

I enjoyed this book. It was definitely one I was glad I downloaded and I became obsessed with the whole series. I didn’t have enough strength to not buy books 2-4 on iBooks. I am ashamed of myself.

Until my next post,



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