Book Review: “Stargazer” by Claudia Gray

Hey guys!

Like I said in my last post, I was weak and I bought this book on iBooks after reading the first book in the series.

Lucas has been banished from Evernight…and for good reason. Bianca’s parents want her to have nothing to do with him. Balthazar, on the other hand, makes a move and gets his chance with Bianca. But what happens when Lucas shows back up? Who will Bianca choose? What happens when Bianca gets targeted by evil forces while at Evernight?

I completely enjoy this series. Honestly, I couldn’t choose who I wanted Bianca to be with. On one hand, Bianca and Lucas make an amazing couple and you can tell that they truly love each other. On the other hand, Bianca and Balthazar are the power couple and are inseparable while at Evernight and he would do absolutely anything for her – he has a heart of gold and is so sweet to her.

Until my next post,



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