January 2017 Book Haul

Hi guys!!

So…….there are WAYYYYY too many books that I got last month to even begin doing synopsis’s. I am just got to list off every book I got. I will be doing reviews for every book I got this month, so overviews will be with those books. Here we go!!

These are the series that I got the first book on iBooks for free and then bought the rest of the book off of iBooks:

  • Evernight series by Claudia Gray
  1. Evernight
  2. Stargazer
  3. Hourglass
  4. Afterlife
  • Fated series by Hazel Kelly (first book is on iBooks, the rest is on Kindle)
  1. Falling For My Best Friend
  2. Charming My Best Friend
  3. Seducing My Best Friend
  4. Fighting For My Best Friend
  5. Keeping My Best Friend

These are the books I got for free on iBooks:

  • 50 Best One-Liner Jokes by Mike Francis
  • 50 Best Jokes Ever by Jane Parks
  • Teacher’s Pet by Avery Phillips
  • Because Of Him by Jessica Roe
  • Turned by Morgan Rice
  • The Academy by C.L. Stone
  • Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson
  • Into The Darkness by Nora Ash
  • Before You Seduce Me by E.J. Adams
  • All I Want Is You by E.L. Todd
  • Vampire Addiction by Eva Pohler
  • Dirty Sexy Furry by Eliza Gayle
  • Elementals by Michelle Madow
  • Before Beauty by Brittany Fichter
  • A Smile Like Hers by Brittany Fichter
  • Ever’s Dream by Brittany Fichter
  • The Goose Girl by Brittany Fichter
  • Bull Rider’s Baby by Naomi Niles
  • Hidden In Darkness by Nora Ash
  • His Secret Love by Suzanne Brahm
  • His Five Night Stand by Emma Thorne
  • Captured by Jordan Marie
  • Bad Boy Billionaire (the complete series) by Claire Adams
  • Protect My Vampire King’s Baby by Sarah Adams
  • Books by Peter Styles
  1. Learning to Trust
  2. Learning to Trust 2
  3. Eternal Love 1
  4. Eternal Love 2
  5. Poses 1
  6. Poses 2
  7. A Retreat to Remember
  8. A Retreat to Remember 2
  9. Wedding Date 1+2
  10. Summer Lovin Blues 1
  11. Summer Lovin Blues 2
  12. Learning His Lesson 1+2
  13. Bonus Chapter Collection
  14. Starter Library
  • Billionaire’s Flight by Alexa Davis
  • Cooking For A Billionaire by Anna Collins
  • To Kill For by A.J. Carella
  • Blood Sport by A.J. Carella
  • True Deceit by A.J. Carella
  • Bedroom Secrets by Suzanne Brahm
  • His Cowboy Heart by Emma Thorne
  • Billionaire Obsession by Anna Collins

These are the books I got for free off of Amazon for Kindle:

  • Beautiful Demons (box set) by Sarra Cannon
  • Craving by Stephanie Summers
  • Abandoned by Elisa Dane
  • Temptation by Ivy Smoak
  • The Shadow Prince by Stacey O’Neale
  • Tapping The Billionaire by Max Monroe
  • Searching For Moore by Julie Richman
  • Kahayatle by Elle Casey
  • My Viking Vampire by Krystal Shannon
  • Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy
  • Betrayal by Aleatha Romig
  • Good Intentions by Brenda K. Davies
  • Hidden Sins by Karice Bolton
  • First World by Jaymin Eve
  • Consequences by Aleatha Romig

I got the Chronicles of Narnia books from my best friend’s Mom. I am not going to do the synopsis of those books because I’m pretty sure everyone knows those books.

**I bought one book from the dollar store.**

A Tale of Two Besties by Sophia Rossi: Harper and Lily have been best friends since forever. Not even the threat of different high schools could throw this BFF-ship off-course, even though Lily begs her parents not to send her to the “dreaded Pathways,” an experimental school for creative types, while effortlessly popular Harper attends Beverly High with the rest of their class. But in a city where fitting in means standing out and there’s nothing more uncool than being cool, it’s the naturally charismatic Harper – with her blond hair and perfect bone structure – who finds herself fighting the tide of American Apparel-ed teens who rule the school. Meanwhile, its the perpetually “gawkward” Lily – who accessorizes ever ensemble with a pair of tattered fairy wings – who finds herself flying alongside the queen bees of Pathways. Can BFF-ship survive the tidal wave of high school drama, or does growing up mean leaving some friends behind?


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