“Th1rteen R3asons Why” | Book vs. TV Show (SPOILERS)

Hi guys!

Here are the differences between the book and the show:

  1. In the TV Show, there was a lawsuit while in the book, there was not.
  2. The ending of the TV Show makes Clay more aware of his surroundings while in the books, he isn’t. Justin runs away. Tyler is seen with guns in his room. Alex is in critical condition after his own suicide attempt. There is a breakthrough in the lawsuit.
  3. In the book, Hannah’s parents are nonexistent, while in the TV Show, they are everywhere.
  4. In the book, Courtney tries to keep up her image as a good person while in the show, Courtney is the completely opposite.
  5. In the book, Clay and Hannah were not close, but in the show, Clay and Hannah were clearly more than friends.
  6. The show amplifies the bad behavior of the teenage characters – drinking, drug use, sexual activities, guns, foul language, etc.
  7. The book takes place over one night while the show takes place over the matter of weeks.
  8. Clay was supposed to be #9, but he was #11 in the show.
  9. Jenny in the book while it is Sheri in the show.
  10. Clay confronts Bryce in the show and gets his recorded confession about raping Hannah.
  11. In the book, Hannah committed suicide by overdosing on pills. In the show, Hannah committed suicide by slitting her wrists.
  12. The show focuses on the other people on the tapes, as well as Clay and Hannah, and how they are dealing with the aftermath of Hannah’s death.



Here are the similarities between the book and the show:

  1. In both, Clay speaks up and talks to Skye because he thinks she is contemplating suicide.
  2. Hannah’s parents are grieving.
  3. Courtney still is a mean person.
  4. The drinking, language, sex, drug use, and rapes.
  5. It’s Clay’s point-of-view throughout the entire thing.
  6. Some people claim how things went down in Hannah’s tapes are not what actually happened.

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