July 2017 Book Haul

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I know that I will not be getting anymore books this month, so I am posting this early. The only books I personally bought this month are the first three books, all of the other ones were given to me.

“Unchained Memory” by Donna S. Frelick: From the night she wakes up in her pickup on the side of the road, three hours gone and everything of value lost to her, Asia Burdette is caught in a clash of invisible forces. She has only one ally in her struggle to understand why–Ethan Roberts, a man she shouldn’t love, a psychiatrist who risks everything to help her. With black ops kidnappers dogging their trial, the lovers race to navigate a maze of mind control, alien abduction and interstellar slavery. If they keep following the signs, they’ll find a battle that’s been raging since the first silver saucer was spotted in the skies above Earth.

“Shadow Legacy: Art of the Ninja Earth” by T.J. Perkins: Growing up ninja in a modern world with ancient customs is difficult, but Duncan Kimura of the Chaio village dreams become one of the chosen elite warriors. But his dreams won’t become a reality if he can’t control his destructive rage that threatens everyone around him. Turmoil threatens to tip Duncan’s balanced world; rivalries, disputes with other teens, competition, and a beautiful kunoichi – a female ninja. The plague of emotions fuels his anger and an entity hidden deep inside him threatens to surface – it wants out. Faced with a treacherous foe from a rival village, Duncan must overcome his own fears and the raging anger bursting within him to save the woman he loves from certain death. Follow him through his trials and challenges as he will either lose himself to his rage and become a threat to all he knows and loves, or triumph and become the ninja his people expect of him.

“Starswept” by Mary Fan: In 2157, the Adyril – an advanced race of telepathic humanoids – contacted Earth. A century later, 15-year-old violist Iris Lei considers herself lucky to attend Papilio, a prestigious performing arts school powered by their technology. Born penniless, Iris’s one shot at a better life is to attract an Adryil patron. But only the best get hired, and competition is fierce. A sudden encounter with an Adryil boys upends her world. Iris longs to learn about him and his faraway realm, but after the authorities arrest him for trespassing, the only evidence she has of his existence is the mysterious alien device he slipped to her. When she starts hearing his voice in her head, she wonders if her world of backstabbing artists and pressure for perfection is driving her insane. Then, she discovers that her visions of him are real – by way of telepathy – and soon finds herself lost in the kind of impossible love she depicts in her music. But even as their bond deepens, Iris realizes that he’s hiding something from her – and it’s dangerous. Her quest for answers leads her past her sheltered world to a strange planet lightyears away, where she uncovers secrets about earth’s alien allies that shatter everything she knows.

“Babysitters: Little Sister #8: Karen’s Haircut” by Ann M. Martin: Karen feels like an ugly duckling. Her baby teeth are falling out, and she has to wear glasses, too! Karen needs a new haircut to make her look glamorous. But the beauty parlor lady cuts Karen’s hair all wrong. Now she’s uglier than ever! What will all the kids at school say?

“Sweet Dreams: Boyfriend Blues” by Lauren M. Phelps: To make money for a special school trip, Kristen Barrett, her boyfriend Jason, and her best friend Heidi start a baby-sitting service. When they discover the need more manpower, they hire handsome, muscular Troy Pittman. That’s when the trouble begins. Heidi has her eye on Troy, but Troy prefers Kristen.

“Pocahontas: True Princess” by Mari Hanes: Children recognize her as the beautiful Indian woman who captured the heart of English captain John Smith. Yet history reveals that Pocahontas was no more than twelve when she saved Smith’s life. Years later she would be praised as the courageous defender of the Algonquins. But she was first known by her people simply as Pocahontas – “little playful one” – a child of tremendous character. Boys and girls today have heard the myth. Now they will see Pocahontas as history truly portrays her: a spirited child just like them.

“Two Guys Noticed Me…and Other Miracles” by Majorie Sharmat: After Matt Green and I broke up, I accepted a date with Travis Cameo. But it was Matt who was very much on my mind. Travis and I were going to Tanya Lipsert’s party. As we approached Tanya’s front door, I had the happy thought that Tanya would be shocked to see me with Travis. He was considered quite a catch at school. Maybe she was even trying to catch him herself. My spirits lifted considerably as the door opened. But it wasn’t Tanya who was shocked. It was me. There was Tanya and standing right beside her was Matt Green.

“Comedy of Errors” by Diane Michele Crawford: “Stephanie Stockwell’s eccentric family has always amused her – until the night gorgeous Todd Cooper picks her up for their first date. Todd is put off by the family’s unconventional ways, and their first date becomes their last. Then Stephanie begins dating witty and clever Derek Gaines, and she thinks he’s perfect for her. But after meeting the Stockwells, Derek too seems to avoid Stephanie. Will Stephanie’s family stand in the way of her chance for real romance?

“Saved by the Bell: That Old Zack Magic” by Beth Cruise: Zack dares Mario to spend a night alone at Bayside High – and suddenly the whole gang is on the idea. After all, who wants to miss out on getting to the bottom of all the mysterious things that’ve been happening at Bayside recently? But while Zack and Mario are busy planning that gang’s major “camp out,” Lisa is sinking deeper and deeper into a super-hunk withdraw. Ever since her adorable new neighbor moved in, Cal Everhart’s had wondering eyes! What the gang discovers that night at school…even Zack can’t explain…and with many of the mysteries still unsolved, the bizarre legend of Eerie Eddie seems more real than ever. Will Zack and the gang uncover the truth? And will Lisa win Cal back, this time forever?

“The New, Improved Gretchen Hubbard” by Ilene Cooper: When Gretchen says good-bye to Hippo Hubbard, she becomes the “new improved” Gretchen Hubbard. She actually starts to enjoy shopping for new clothes and catches the eye of a cute fifteen-year-old boy who is making a movie nearby. Why didn’t anyone notice her before?

“Marci’s Secret Book of Dating” by Jan Gelman: What do the other seventh girls have – or know – that Marci and Pam don’t? Even though they’ve taught themselves how to flirt, they haven’t managed to get a single date. So, using their best spy techniques, they study couples – including Marci’s older sister and boyfriend on a real date!

“Sweet Valley High: Crash Landing!” by Francine Pascal: George Warren has been looking forward to taking his girlfriend, Enid Rollins, as a passenger on his first licensed flight. Afterward he’s going to tell her something he’s known for a long time – he doesn’t love her anymore and their relationship is over. Then he’ll be free to date Robin Wilson, the girl he does love. But as he and Enid are flying, George loses control of the plane and is forced to make a crash landing. Enid is seriously injured, and George is overcome with guilt. He can’t possible break up with Enid now. But how long can he pretend to be in love with her and continue living a lie?

“Sweet Valley High: My Best Friend’s Boyfriend” by Francine Pascal: Denise Hadley is poised, elegant, and beautiful. Her best friend, Ginny Belasca, isn’t any of these things, and she’s always comparing herself to Denise. So when Ginny decided to do volunteer work for a teen phone hotline, Denise hopes that it will give Ginny some self-confidence. It looks as if she’s right when Ginny helps a guy named Mike, who says he wants to meet her in person! But now Ginny’s terrified that her looks won’t meet Mike’s expectations. In desperation, she asks Denise to meet Mike in her place. Denise agrees – and falls for Mike. Can Denise and Ginny’s friendship survive a battle for the boy they both love?

“Sweet Valley High: Brokenhearted” by Francine Pascal: When Todd Wilkens moved to Vermont, Elizabeth Wakefield’s heart was broken. She thought she would never get over losing him. But months passed, Elizabeth fell in love again. Now she and Jeffrey French are one of the happiest couples at Sweet Valley High. Then Todd writes to Elizabeth and tells her that he is moving back to Sweet Valley and that he still cares for her. Although she loves Jeffrey, Elizabeth realizes she still has strong feelings for Todd. Suddenly she is faced with a very difficult choice – a choice between the only two boys she has ever loved. What will Elizabeth do?

“Sweet valley High: Second Chance” by Francine Pascal: Quiet, determined, Kristin Thompson knows exactly what she wants from life. Since she was little, she has had one goal – to become a world-class tennis player. Now all she has to do is win one more tournament and she’ll qualify to turn professional. Then handsome Bruce Patman invites her out and sweeps her off her feet. But there’s not enough room in Kristin’s life for a boyfriend and professional tennis. She begins to wonder if a romance with Bruce will make her happier than winning the tournament ever could. Will Kristin give up the dream of a lifetime to live like a ordinary teenager?

“Chuck Yeager Goes Supersonic” by Alan W. Biermann: Young readers will soar as they discover the life of Chuck Yeager, an American hero whose courage changed the world of flight forever. They’ll fly through these pages as they read about Yeager’s humble beginnings, daring adventures as a pilot and how he risked death as the first man to break the sound barrier. Bonus sections include a sound barrier lesson and glossary.

“Overlooked” By Simone Sowood and Lulu Pratt: She’s the closest thing I ever had to a sister. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. We were raised together. But one look at her naked body in the window and I’m hard. How did I never notice her this way before? Too bad she’s forbidden fruit. She doesn’t deserve to be in my trail of one and done women. Plus it would ruin 25 years of friendship between our parents. But my body craves her. The longer she stands in the window, the less I’m able to resist. Screw it. Before I leave, I’ll give her a few good nights to she’ll never forget.


ARC Book Review: “Overlooked” by Simone Sowood and Lulu Pratt

Hey guys!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Overview from GoodReads:

She’s the closest thing I ever had to a sister. Our parents are best friends and neighbors. We were raised together. But one look at her naked body in the window and I’m hard. How did I never notice her this way before? Too bad she’s forbidden fruit. She doesn’t deserve to be in my trail of one and done women. Plus it would ruin 25 years of friendship between our parents. But my body craves her. The longer she stands in the window, the less I’m able to resist. Screw it. Before I leave, I’ll give her a few good nights to she’ll never forget.

I could not put this down once I started reading it – it is definitely a recommended book to read. The suspense!
Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

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Book Review: “The Ruby Circle” by Richelle Mead 

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So, I finally finished the Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead. I am so upset that it is over, but all good things must come to an end.

Overview from GoodReads:

Their forbidden romance exposed, Sydney and Adrian find themselves facing the wrath of both the Alchemists and the Moroi in this electrifying conclusion to Richelle Mead’s bestselling Bloodlines series. When the life of someone they both love is put on the line, Sydney risks everything to hunt down a deadly former nemesis. Meanwhile, she and Adrian becomes enmeshed in a puzzle that could hold the key to a shocking secret about spirit magic, a secret that could shake the entire Moroi world and alter their lives forever.

This book was just so amazing! I almost cried at the ending. This was just a wonderful ending to a wonderful series.

Book Review: “Chuck Yeager Goes Supersonic” by Alan W. Biermann

Hello everybody!

My sister had bought this book for me while we were at the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

Overview from GoodReads:

Young readers will love the legend of the great American aviator, Chuck Yeager, who grew up from humble beginnings to become the first person to fly a plane faster than the speed of sound. This beautifully illustrated book shows scenes of Chuck as a boy in rural West Virginia, describes his wild flights as a test pilot in the U. S. Air Force, and recounts the terrifying bumping and rattling flights as he neared the “sound barrier.” The book presents a chapter on what the sound barrier is and why it is so dangerous. The reader can experience, with Chuck, the beautiful moment of success as his rocket plane breaks through to supersonic speeds. Young people will remember always this heroic story and the legendary pilot who took the world of aviation into a new era.

I really enjoyed reading this book and, although it seems like a children’s book, it was very informative and the drawings were just outstandingly done!

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Book Review: “Silver Shadows” by Richelle Mead

Hi everybody!

I finished reading “Silver Shadows” by Richelle Mead! Finally! One more book to go!

Synopsis from GoodReads:

In The Fiery Heart, Sydney risked everything to follow her gut, walking a dangerous line to keep her feelings hidden from the Alchemists. Now in the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart, Sydney and Adrian struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each other. But first, they have to survive. For Sydney, trapped and surrounded by adversaries, life becomes a daily struggle to hold on to her identity and the memories of those she loves. Meanwhile, Adrian clings to hope in the face of those who tell him Sydney is a lost cause, but the battle proves daunting as old demons and new temptations begin to seize hold of him. . . .

Just like all the other Richelle Mead books, this book was absolutely incredible! I love the romance between Sydney and Adrian and it really shows in this book. I cried when I read the parts about when Sydney was in the re-education facility – nobody should ever have to go through that.

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